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Leadership & innovation

Accompanying human transformation in the digital age

Who we are

“They did not know it was impossible so they did it” -Mark Twain

Our action is developing in two major sectors of society: business and health. At the same time, we accompany those who innovate and care for others.

What motivates us

We strongly believe that only Leaders who are fully aware of themselves, of those around them and of the world can meet the challenges of today and tomorrow with fairness, balance and caring.
We give them the means to do so.

This is what we do.

Accompanying Human Transformation

Focused Leaders: A New Generation of Trained Leaders

Digital Age is an ever-changing period. To adapt to it, we must develop dynamics of continuing innovation and learn how to use disruption as a positive creative power.


Change adaptation is the Leader’s crucial feature today.

To excel in it, Leaders have to train to develop their TRIPLE VISION: INNER VISION, self-mastery, OUTER VISION, others-knowledge, and GLOBAL VISION, clear picture of world’s challenges.

This is why we developed specific training programs based on focus techniques to help them reaching their goals.

Our Specialty


Helping Leaders achieving excellence in difficult times

Flex Mind

Excellent Mind

Resilient Mind

Transformational Mind

Digital Mind

Bridging Future

Instant Thinking



Caring Mind

Living Inside


A program for every challenge…


A Superior performance through the triple focus training


What We Do Best

Our training programs are tailor-made to meet every need.

From 1 to 500, we guide you step by step to integrate the focus techniques on the path to your excellence.


Leadership Training

The leadership has one goal: Excellence. We accompany you on this journey


To envision a brighter future for everyone

Change @ scale

Accompanying culture change from 5 to 500 collaborators

Team Building

There is nothing better than a fruitful collaboration to fulfill the Vision!

From Our Founder

Be the Change you want to See

In these times of deep mutation we need to change ourselves. We need to evolve with the global conditions and lead and nurture our people to develop and adapt their mindset to the coming mutations.

The leadership needs to innovate and reinvent itself. Everyone needs to hear its brand new story.

We are here to help you telling it to the world, your people and yourself.


Are you change ready? Resilient enough? Capable to lead in degraded situation?

Leadership programs – Health Programs – Events

What’s next?

Digital Mind program

RECONNECT & INNOVATEA New Program Soon!DIGITAL MINDLogic was the tool of the Cartesian world for post-war development in...

Excellent Mind Program


Flex Mind program

BECOMING AGILE REMAINING EFFICIENT11, 12 February 2021 and 12 March 2021, Paris, FranceFLEX MINDOur programs designed for...

Transformational Mind program

Next dates: 10, 11 May 2021 and 13, 14 September 2021, Paris, FranceEXCELLENT MINDThe TRANSFORMATIONAL MIND program allows the...

Caring Mind program

Traditional techniques for Healthcare ProfessionalsFirst Year Cycle : Basic Principles Spring & Fall 2022CARING MIND...

Living Inside program

A Response to Burn-OutSpring - winter 2021LIVING INSIDE PROGRAMThe LIVING INSIDE program has been specifically created to be a...

MATI by Ways & Lore Conference

A NEW M.A.T.I BY WAYS & LORE CONFERENCE IS COMING SOON!EVENTSA new M.A.T.I by Ways & Lore conference is planned for late...

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