A New Generation of Leaders


Trained towards excellence to develop more stable, sustainable and high-performing organizations in the digital age

Inner Vision

Awareness and self-control. Intelligence and emotional intuition. Using intuition to guide action. Great ability to be resilient. “Presence to oneself”.

Global Vision

Knowledge, mastery and use of paradoxes and complex situations of change. Great ability to use all contexts to feed the action. “Broad presence”.

Outer Vision

Authentic presence. Anchored in their values, their goals and the authenticity of their actions. Guiding by example. Caring and empathetic: “Executive Presence”.


A crucial triple mastery in the exercise of leadership and its superior performance today

the triple vision that develops the three essential strengths of the Leader

Personal Strength

The first strength of the Leader and the one to be developed absolutely first since it is the root of the other two. Personal strength includes, for example, a Leader’s ability to generate creative, timely, effective, ideas or to be stable in times of crisis, etc.

Strength of Relationships

It is the force that represents the “aura” of the Leader, the one that guarantees him a benevolent ascendancy over others at all levels. It is the seat of the empathetic force and the ability of the Leader to convey and tacitly impose his ideas and convictions.

Status Strength

Traditionally, it is the strength of the function that is being transformed into the “knowledge” strength of the Leader. It takes the two previous ones as a basis to magnify them and make them shine in the world. It is the implicit recognition by others of the leadership capacity of the Leader.


A Subtle Leadership Style Focused on Sustainability and Long-Lasting Performance

Focused Leaders are more resilient

Being more familiar with observing change and its consequences, they are more resistant to the effects of crises and transformations.

Focused Leaders are more engaged

As they realize through the triple vision the interconnection between their own state, that of others and of the planet, they are much more aware that their action must be sustainable.

Focused Leaders are more... focused

Their training allows them to develop a much greater concentration and therefore to be more efficient, more impactful, faster and more direct.

Focused Leaders are more visionary

They develop a broader vision, anticipate changes better, and adapt more easily to breakdowns and mutations.

Focus Leaders are more empathetic

Having a greater awareness of their own issues, they have a better understanding of those of others. They set a better example and challenge more accurately.

Focus Leaders last longer

They are very conscious of themselves and therefore of their energy level. They know how to maintain a constant action without exhausting themselves and are thus much more efficient over time.


A New Generation trained through Triple Focus



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