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Logic was the tool of the Cartesian world for post-war development in companies. The advent of the digital age has changed the situation: nothing develops logically anymore, but more and more organically. The knowledge tool of this age becomes intuition, that is to say, direct, immediate knowledge of phenomena and their evolution.
This is the heart of the training proposed by the DIGITAL MIND program.

FOCUS’ practices, whose efficiency has been proven for centuries, are truly pragmatic tools that are very easy to use, in all environments.

Ways & Lore offers a practical, functional and non-psychological approach:

Transmission of FOCUS techniques,
Individual integration of techniques,
Autonomous and sustainable use.


To provide decision-makers with high-performance focus tools to help them:

  • ABSORB current changes more easily,
  • ACCOMPANY the revolution of digital thinking,
  • PRESERVE the integrity of a broad vision despite disruption,
  • USE the constant innovative power of digital.

The Digital Mind program is surprisingly simple to use: in 15 days, 10 minutes of daily concentration allowed me to realize the impact of the smartphone on my mental and physical state, and at the same time to set up the solution for a more serene use. (…)

Nils D.

Project Manager, Sustainable Habitat

Persons concerned

Decision-makers working in companies.



No prerequisite level is required to participate in this program.


Pedagogical Means

Theoretical contributions on the development of the TRIPLE FOCUS
Concentration and neural development techniques: COGNITIVE CONCENTRATION PROCESS™
Learning techniques specifically designed for the program : LINKING PATHS
Situational scenarios

Communication Support

A presentation will be given to participants.


2×2 days

Weekly individualized follow-up after each module to facilitate integration into daily professional life (10 minutes per day).






2,000€ excl. taxes per participant.

Ways & Lore is a training organization referenced in the Datadock.


Number of participants

from 5 to 15 people.


Registration by email :

If you have any questions about this training or our programs, you can contact: Laurence Horen-Jaubert



Laurent Dupeyrat : Ways & Lore Programs Designer and Head of Training & Development. Founder and partner

A graduate of Paris Sorbonne and Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales in Paris, Laurent is teacher-researcher, consultant and meditation master. He was trained in a traditional way in Asia for more than 25 years, where he lived and worked, and became a holder of teaching lineages.

He adapts and develops actively new forms of meditation for the modern world in a variety of settings, for 15 years. He trains and provides the certification of Ways & Lore consultants.

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