Traditional techniques for Healthcare Professionals

First Year Cycle : Basic Principles

Spring & Fall 2022


Concerned persons

Doctors and Healthcare Professionals.



None for this program.


Pedagogic Means

  • Theoretical inputs
  • Focus techniques, neurosciences and emotional (and social) intelligence inputs
  • Real-life professional situations
  • Group feedbacks.


Communication supports

Powerpoint/Prezi presentation, quiz results, summary pages.



2 x 2 days : spring 2021 – fall 2021. 24 training hours.



Innsbruck, AUSTRIA.


Number of participants

15 people.


During the 4 training days, focus techniques practice, feedbacks et theoretical inputs will take place alternatively.


Day 1 :

  • Origins, spread and evolution of the traditional focus practices
  • Theoretical introduction to the bases and structures of the traditional focus practices
  • Introducing calm abiding practices (with practical exercices)


Day 2 :

  • Developing calm abiding practices
  • Deepening the practice : possible application scope for the calm abiding practices
  • Theoretical deepening of the practice effects on the consciousness functions
  • Benefits of the calm abiding practices
  • Traditional focus practices and and cognitive neuroscience


Inter-sessional period 1 : daily individual and/or collective practices of integration


Day 3 :

  • Breath and calm abiding
  • Self-consciousness and natural physiological rhythm
  • Social applications (a few examples: MBSR, MBCT, focus techniques)
  • Integrating focus practice into daily life activity
  • Theoretical deepening: neuroplasticity and insight practices
  • Practical deepening: calm abiding and insight practices joined
  • Practice supports: visualizations, sound, hypnosis
  • Practical exercices: sounds and visualizations


Day 4 :

  • Overview of the first cycle’s main points
  • FIRST CYCLE VALIDATION: written examination based on the key points


Before May 25, 2022 by email:

If you have a question, please contact: Laurence Horen-Jaubert




Laurent Dupeyrat

Ways & Lore Programs Designer and Head of Training & Development. Founder and partner.

A graduate of Paris Sorbonne and Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales in Paris, Laurent is teacher-researcher, consultant and meditation master. He was trained in a traditional way in Asia for more than 25 years, where he lived and worked, and became a holder of teaching lineages.

He adapts and develops actively new forms of meditation for the modern world in a variety of settings, for 15 years. He trains and provides the certification of Ways & Lore consultants.

Franck Armand

Ways & Lore Head of Healthcare sector. Co-founder and Partner.

Franck received  scientific training first at ESPCI (France), then in Japan (PHD at the MITI). Back in France, he entered the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) as Director of Research. He was teaching at the same time in engineering schools and universities. In Japan, 25 years ago, Franck began his traditional training in meditation combined with a transmission of the Tea Ceremony. He transmits it in turn nowadays..

Trained in Ways & Lore techniques, he works with leaders and institutions.