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Who We Are

Ways & Lore is a managerial innovation start-up specialized in human support for leadership development.

We are innovative, agile, creative, reactive… We always favour dialogue and clarity. We come from different backgrounds – business leaders, researchers, coaches, teachers… – which allows the great richness of our offers in many fields. Trained for years, we are specialists of Focus, advanced concentration techniques, and have a solid knowledge of leadership and Emotional and Social Intelligence to accompany you effectively on the path of human transformation.


We accompany you on the path of transformation, whether it is personal, for your structure, or to adapt to the change @ scale

Corporate Culture

As the business world, its cultures and models are changing drastically, we help you to adapt and to accompany your people through this mutation

Global Change

Because the current conditions affect the entire social fabric, our action also focuses on global change


Why Are We Different?

Because change, mutation, transformation… are first and foremost experienced personally and intimately, we accompany Leaders who must bring about transformation.

Because we do not only support the transformation of Leaders, but we aim above all for their excellence…

Because transformation processes that do not take into account the human dimension rarely succeed.

Because, above all, transformation is a change of habits, of mentalities… of culture.

Because we train Leaders to develop their focus through neural training techniques specially designed to meet their transformation challenges.

What motivates us

We strongly believe that only Leaders who are fully aware of themselves, of those around them and of the world can meet the challenges of today and tomorrow with fairness, balance and caring. We give them the means to do so.

Our Action

Training Top Leaders to be Focused

We follow you and your teams over a period of time ranging from a few days to 6 months, or even longer, depending on your challenges and the programs applied.

First of all, we determine together the path to follow according to your objectives. Then we deploy the solution in several steps and several workshops, progressively, to all collaborators.

Trained Leaders

Hours of Training


A Team Of Focused Professionals

Peter Harboe

General Manager of Ways & Lore. Co-founder and partner

Graduated from MSc. Chemical Engineering (Denmark), MBA IMD International (Switzerland), and trained in coaching (Newfield Network – ICF accreditation). Peter has 18 years of experience as a company leader, mainly in the health and biotechnology sectors.

For the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), he leads a team of 25 Business coaches that support the development of 120 companies from the technology sector.

Peter is currently Ways & Lore’s General Manager and Head of Swiss Activities. He trained for years and now holds the Ways & Lore techniques.

Laurent Dupeyrat

Ways & Lore Programs Designer and Head of Training & Development. Founder and partner

A graduate of Paris Sorbonne and Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales in Paris, Laurent is teacher-researcher, consultant and meditation master. He was trained in a traditional way in Asia for more than 25 years, where he lived and worked, and became a holder of teaching lineages.

He adapts and develops actively new forms of meditation for the modern world in a variety of settings, for 15 years. He trains and provides the certification of Ways & Lore consultants.

Laurence Horen-Jaubert

Head of Ways & Lore France Activities. Consultant and Partner

A graduate of the University of Paris Dauphine (MSG Finance) and ESCP (Master in Finance), Laurence began her career as a banker in charge of large companies within international investment banks. She carried out this function for 10 years before joining Human Resources, where she accompanied the operational teams in the implementation of HR strategies, as an HR Business Partner and HR Director.

After 17 years in investment bank, Laurence joined Ways & Lore as Head of France Activities. Laurence is trained and holds Ways & Lore techniques.

Franck Armand

Head of the Health Division. Co-founder & Partner

Franck received  scientific training first at ESPCI (France), then in Japan (PHD at the MITI). Back in France, he entered the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) as Director of Research. He was teaching at the same time in engineering schools and universities. In Japan, 25 years ago, Franck began his traditional training in meditation combined with a transmission of the Tea Ceremony. He transmits it in turn nowadays..

Trained in Ways & Lore techniques, he works with leaders and institutions.


What We Do Best

Leadership Training

The leadership has one goal: Excellence. We accompany you on this journey…


Accompanying the reflection on Vision, Direction and Action

Focused Leadership

Flexibility, agility, adaptability, innovation to support efficiently the transformation…

Change @ Scale

Accompanying culture change from 5 to 500 collaborators

Digital Transformation

We support you in the cultural transformation imposed by the digital revolution

Team Building

There is nothing better than a fruitful collaboration to fulfill the Vision!

Our Focus Training Programs

All our Focus Training Programs are tailor-made to meet your conditions.

There is a Program for every Challenge

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