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Focus Support in the Medical Environment

Health & Focus Programs

A Program for Every Need

The regular practice of Focus in the health field makes it possible to recognize with lucidity the seizure of pain and to alleviate it. Ways & Lore programs are designed to approach the practice of Focus in relation to various health issues.

The objectives of the Health and Focus programs focus on accompanying patients for healthcare professionals and accompanying pain and the care process for patients.

Caring Mind

Techniques for Healthcare Professionals

Living Inside

A Response to Burnout


Our Specific Approach


These programs enable individual support in the healthcare field through the integration of theoretical and practical concepts, tools and methods based on Focus techniques. The duration, depending on the cycle, is 18 to 50 hours of training spread over several modules of 2 to 3 days. The intersessions between modules are reserved for personal and/or collective practices of tool integration.


To provide health professionals and patients with theoretical elements, practical tools and methods based on Focus techniques, neuroscience and emotional and social intelligence. Ways & Lore’s approach in its health programs is twofold: the transmission of tools to meet specific needs; the appropriation of the techniques transmitted for independent use and progressive autonomy. The objectives focus on patient support for health professionals and pain management and the care process for patients.


Greater clarity of thought and action. Better management of time, priorities and information flows. Concentration allowing greater attention and greater mental and emotional stability. Greater listening and availability for patients. Recognition of exhaustion before it occurs. Ability to innovate and renew oneself. Accompaniment of pain. Reduction of stress, anticipation and anxiety.


Trusted by Healthcare Professionals for Years

Ways & Lore tells us with great clarity, and lots of practical exercises, how to understand the mechanisms of our mind through Focus practice. (…)

Frederic M.

Dental Surgeon, Private sector

I am particularly satisfied with the quality of the training and the method of work, including a gradual individual follow-up, and allowing personal progression. (…)

Jean F.

Surgeon, Private practitioner hospital


Two Main Phases


The transmission and theoretical and practical integration of the concepts and tools of Focus are carried out within the structured framework of the training days.


The personal and/or collective practice of integrating the tools is done during the intersessional period between workshops. It generally takes 6 months of practice for 2 workshops.

Types of Support

A Program For Every Need

Training hours and workshops depend on the program and the type of accompaniment. All our programs include regular support.

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