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Transformational Mind

Accompanying Individual Change

The Focus techniques developed in the TRANSFORMATIONAL MIND program are essential to accompany today’s constant transformation.

These highly effective knowledge tools allow Focused Leaders to accompany their own transformation in order to acquire a true familiarity with change and to be able to lead it with great control and stability.

Being able to anticipate the constant evolution of structures, better guide their teams through the meanders of the VUCA context, using the force of change as an energy for construction and positive evolution for all… these are just a few examples of the benefits of the TRANSFORMATIONAL MIND program.


Laurence Horen-Jaubert

Head of Ways & Lore France Activities, Partner & Consultant

Mastering The Power Of Change

The Essential Leaders Program Today

Transformational Mind is a three-step change mastery support program:
OBSERVE the directions of change without getting caught in it,
RELEASE the brakes on transformation,
TRANSFORM your thought and action to adapt completely.


Anticipating change & using transformation in an effective and sustainable direction


Powerful Focus tools for mastering the power of change integrated in a step-by-step manner for complete autonomy


Theories that are indispensable in the knowledge of the transformation mechanisms


An accompanying framework towards change mastery supporting the development of the Leader’s knowledge and skills


From 2 to 12


Up to 2 years

Program Type


Change Adaptation

+ 60%


The Transformational Mind program at Ways and Lore was a wonderful opportunity for me to complete the Flex Mind program I had taken over four years ago. My regular concentration practice was indeed particularly enriched by the mastery of the dynamics of movement from the techniques of breathing and observation of PSM (Root Focus technique) of others and of oneself. I encourage Leaders in charge of transformation projects to follow the Transformational Mind program, which will allow them to better engage their employees and their teams in a virtuous dynamic focusing on vision and benevolence

Charles-Henri BDH.

Emeritus Professor HEC Paris
AGRH President

Trained in the transformational mind program

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