11, 12 February 2021 and 12 March 2021, Paris, France


Our programs designed for decision-makers use tools that combine focus and neural training techniques, emotional (and social) intelligence and neuroscience to achieve excellence.

Ways and Lore offers a practical, functional and non-psychological approach:

Transmission of easy-to-use tools and appropriation of techniques through daily practice integration.


To provide decision-makers with high-performance focus tools to help them develop :

  • Clarity of thought and action
  • Management of priorities and information flows
  • Focus
  • Internal stability
  • Ability to innovate
  • Recognizing the signs of exhaustion before it occurs

(…) As far as I am concerned, the main benefit of this practice is better stress management, greater serenity on a daily basis, learning the right distance to keep when confronted with the ups and downs of professional life (…)

Antoine C.

Head Compensation and Benefit, International Industrial Group

Persons concerned

Decision-makers working in companies.



No prerequisite level is required to participate in this program.


Pedagogical Means

Theoretical contributions on the development of the TRIPLE FOCUS™
Concentration and neural development techniques: DOUBLE FIELD CONCENTRATION™
Learning techniques specifically designed for the program : LINKING PATHS™
Situational scenarios

Communication Support

A presentation will be given to participants.



3 days: February 11, 12 and March 12, 2021

Weekly individualized follow-up after each module to facilitate integration into daily professional life (10 minutes per day).






1,800€ excl tax per participant.

Ways & Lore is a training organization referenced in the French Datadock.


Number of participants

from 5 to 12 people.


During the 3 days of training, we offer you an alternation between concentration practices, role-playing, feedback and theoretical contributions on the functioning of the focus and the possibility of improving its performance by deploying a broader vision and by a faster, more intuitive speed of action and thought.

Day 1:

general introduction, theoretical contributions and setting the framework. Implementation of the stability perimeter (SPM™), the essential tool of the Ways & Lore techniques. On the basis of this tool, exploration of the capacities inherent to focus.

Alternating exercises for the development of clarity via neural training for concentration. Observation of self-imposed limits and development of ways to overcome them.

Day 2:

Theoretical input and setting of the frame, establishment of the perimeter of stability. Work on concentration exercises focused on the development of the TRIPLE FOCUS.

Concentration stabilization exercises . Instructions for months of personal practice .

After these 2 days, Ways & Lore consultants will individually accompany you in the implementation of your practices, in order to facilitate their natural integration into your daily life (10 minutes per day).


Day 3:

Reminder of the general principles and feedback of practice experiences.

Alternation of exercises to develop the capacity to open your consciousness, allowing you to deploy a high-potential vision.

Work on concentration and neuronal transformation exercises focused on the development of multiple attention combining observation of sensations, body, thoughts and emotions. Learning how to read weak signals.

Tips for maintaining a daily practice.

Ways & Lore’s consultants will individually accompany you in the implementation of your practices for 2 months, in order to facilitate their natural integration into your daily life (15 minutes per day).


Registration before January 15, 2021 by email :

If you have any questions about this training or our programs, you can contact: Laurence Horen-Jaubert



Laurence Horen-Jaubert: Head of Ways & Lore France Activities. Consultant and Partner

A graduate of the University of Paris Dauphine (MSG Finance) and ESCP (Master in Finance), Laurence began her career as a banker in charge of large companies within international investment banks. She carried out this function for 10 years before joining Human Resources, where she accompanied the operational teams in the implementation of HR strategies, as an HR Business Partner and HR Director. After 17 years in investment bank, Laurence joined Ways & Lore as Head of France Activities. Laurence is trained and holds Ways & Lore techniques.

Franck Armand: Ways & Lore Head of Healthcare sector. Co-founder and Partner

Franck received  scientific training first at ESPCI (France), then in Japan (PHD at the MITI). Back in France, he entered the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) as Director of Research. He was teaching at the same time in engineering schools and universities. In Japan, 25 years ago, Franck began his traditional training in meditation combined with a transmission of the Tea Ceremony. He transmits it in turn nowadays.. Trained in Ways & Lore techniques, he works with leaders and institutions.

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