The EXCELLENT MIND program allows the deepening of Ways & Lore’s FOCUS techniques in order to accompany Leaders on the path to Excellence. The concentration techniques employed help to develop natural leadership skills, greater adaptation and creativity. Focus tools are now major assets of leadership for sustainable performance and innovative action.


FOCUS’ practices, whose efficiency has been proven for centuries, are truly pragmatic tools that are very easy to use, in all environments.

Ways & Lore offers a practical, functional and non-psychological approach:

transmission of FOCUS techniques
Individual integration of techniques
Autonomous and sustainable use.


Transmit to leaders/decision-makers theoretical elements on leadership and sustainable performance and help them perform in difficult or degraded conditions, TRIPLE FOCUS techniques (specificity of Ways & Lore, advanced concentration tools from traditional meditation and neuroscience) to:


  • Develop a more subtle form of leadership and sustainable performance
  • Developing superior performance in the service of leadership excellence
  • Optimize the ability to innovate and transform
  • Make mutation a force for evolution and not for destabilization
  • Integrate the constant evolution of self, others and structures
  • Developing inner stability, which is essential in the VUCA context.
  • Develop adaptability and flexibility in all circumstances.

My experience with Ways & Lore was born out of a desire to rebalance my private and professional life choices by no longer being a victim of a lack of vision on what is essential.
In the professional field, first of all, the tools provided by Laurent Dupeyrat allowed me to adapt to a change of stance in my professional responsibilities from operational boss to executive advisor.
This path corresponded both to a necessity imposed by the type of position but also to a deliberate career choice. Putting the change into perspective and distancing myself from the emotion obtained through the practice of Focus is a remarkable element in reinforcing the effectiveness and accuracy of the executive decision-making process. It also results in a very great serenity in the face of conflictual, complex or tense situations, itself a factor of efficiency and correctness in actions or reactions to emotional or deliberately aggressive behavior. The others, as can be seen, feel the strength of this serenity, which provides a superior force of influence on their behavior.
From a personal point of view, it is the same height of vision, the same distance without detachment that allowed me to free myself from what was encumbering me in order to move forward, leaving behind what had to remain behind: people or experiences. You get an incredible lightness from it, which allows you to fly away to new projects without losing, however, the benefit of what the past has brought you.
One amazing thing that I also discovered and still leaves me amazed today is the control over pain and even illness, and this is something I would like to explore further in the future.
Last but not least for me, in the personal domain, Focus has brought me a discernment in the choice of those I want to surround myself with: chosen people, my horses…
So my journey won’t stop there and I intend to continue the path further with the support of Laurent.

Dominique P.

Group Head of Transformation & Resources, International Investment Bank, Paris

Persons concerned

Managers and Leaders working in companies





Pedagogical Means

Theoretical contributions on leadership
Theoretical contributions on the development of the TRIPLE FOCUS™
Concentration and neural development techniques: INNER FOCUS™, IN-OUT FOCUS™, FLEX MIND™, OLT PROCESS™
Learning techniques specifically designed for the program : LINKING PATHS
Regular follow-up

Communication supports

Presentations will be given throughout the accompaniment as well as follow-up documents.



6 months, i.e. 12×2 hours sessions

Weekly individual follow-up by email/phone after each module to facilitate integration into daily professional life.






10000 Euros excl tax

Ways & Lore is a training organization referenced in the French Datadock.


Number of participants




During the 6 months program, alternation between FOCUS practices, theoretical contributions on the subtle development of leadership and sustainable performance, regular feedbacks and advices on the practice and how to maintain and sustain it.

Course of the program*

1st month: laying the foundation for personal practice of Focus to develop stability and clarity of vision. Introduction to the principles of Triple Focus and Triple Vision, the main assets of the leadership. All sessions include a feedback time on the personal practice of the focus. Transmission of the first set of focus techniques for personal training.

2nd month: practice feedback. The question of empowerment and self-empowerment according to the three main personality types of Leaders identified by Ways & Lore + the three indispensable forces of leadership and the triple vision that every good leader must at least develop to reach success.

3rd month: Practice feedback. How to develop the energy and desire for action, the taste for adventure to carry out projects…? How not to lose them? How to make all collaborators want to take part in a transformation project…? Transmission of the second set of focus techniques.

4th month: practice feedback. The four pillars of sustainable leadership: 1-broad long-term vision, 2-deep sense of action, 3-long-lasting performance and 4-agile intelligence, as well as all possible obstacles to their development.

5th month: practice feedback. Maintaining performance over time and in difficult conditions by relying on the practice of focus techniques, in particular the OLT process, the third set of techniques.

6th month: practice feedback. Your story in the great history of leadership. The historical and mythical figures who built the models of today’s leadership. Where do you find inspiration to grow, propel, guide…?

* The leadership topics covered during the six months depend on your goals and issues. They are given here as examples. The focus will therefore be on your needs first as determined in the beginning of the program.


Registration any time by email :

If you have any questions about this training or our programs, please contact Laurent Dupeyrat.



Laurent Dupeyrat : Ways & Lore Programs Designer and Head of Training & Development. Founder and partner

A graduate of Paris Sorbonne and Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales in Paris, Laurent is teacher-researcher, consultant and meditation master. He was trained in a traditional way in Asia for more than 25 years, where he lived and worked, and became a holder of teaching lineages.

He adapts and develops actively new forms of meditation for the modern world in a variety of settings, for 15 years. He trains and provides the certification of Ways & Lore consultants.

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