Next dates: 10, 11 May 2021 and 13, 14 September 2021, Paris, France


The TRANSFORMATIONAL MIND program allows the deepening of Ways & Lore’s FOCUS techniques in order to anticipate and accompany change, mutation, in a creative, positive and innovative way. The concentration techniques employed help to recognize the natural movement of change and to reduce the trauma associated with the mutation by encouraging greater adaptation and creativity. Change becomes a force and no longer a source of stress. Stability in transformation and change as tools of innovation are now the major assets of leadership for sustainable performance.


FOCUS’ practices, whose efficiency has been proven for centuries, are truly pragmatic tools that are very easy to use, in all environments.

Ways & Lore offers a practical, functional and non-psychological approach:

transmission of FOCUS techniques
Individual integration of techniques
Autonomous and sustainable use.


Transmit to leaders/decision-makers theoretical elements on leadership and sustainable performance, TRIPLE FOCUS techniques (specificity of Ways & Lore, advanced concentration tools from traditional meditation and neuroscience) to:


  • Develop a more subtle form of leadership and sustainable performance
  • Optimize the ability to innovate and transform
  • Make mutation a force for evolution and not for destabilization
  • Integrate the constant evolution of self, others and structures
  • Developing inner stability, which is essential in the VUCA context.
  • Develop adaptability and flexibility in all circumstances.

After “Flex Mind”, I continued and deepened my practice with “Transformational Mind”.

The terms that come to me after 2 years of practice are sharpness, openness, clarity.

I gradually acquired a better perception of events, my environment and the people I work with, both personally and professionally. I have also learned to make my emotions a strength and to use them positively.

Thank you for this beautiful evolution.

Laurence G.

Large Companies Manager, International Investment Bank

Persons concerned

Managers and Leaders working in companies.



Having followed the Flex Mind program and integrated the practices.


Pedagogical Means

Theoretical contributions on leadership
Theoretical contributions on the development of the TRIPLE FOCUS™
Concentration and neural development techniques: OLT PROCESS™
Learning techniques specifically designed for the program : LINKING PATHS
Professional role-plays

Communication supports

A presentation will be given to the participants as well as follow-up documents.



2×2 days, i.e. 24 hours of training.

Weekly individual follow-up after each module to facilitate integration into daily professional life.



Paris, France



2000 Euros excl tax per participant.

Ways & Lore is a training organization referenced in the French Datadock.


Number of participants

from 5 to 12 people.



During the 4 days of training, alternation between FOCUS practices, work on breathing, theoretical contributions on the subtle development of leadership and sustainable performance, role-playing, feedback.

Advice on how to maintain a daily practice.

Ways & Lore’s consultants will accompany you individually in the implementation of your practices for 2 months, in order to facilitate their natural integration into your daily life (15 minutes per day).


Registration before April 25th, 2021 by email :

If you have any questions about this training or our programs, please contact Laurence Horen-Jaubert.



Laurent Dupeyrat : Ways & Lore Programs Designer and Head of Training & Development. Founder and partner

A graduate of Paris Sorbonne and Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales in Paris, Laurent is teacher-researcher, consultant and meditation master. He was trained in a traditional way in Asia for more than 25 years, where he lived and worked, and became a holder of teaching lineages.

He adapts and develops actively new forms of meditation for the modern world in a variety of settings, for 15 years. He trains and provides the certification of Ways & Lore consultants.

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