Mar 5, 2021

The Focused Leader: Between Digital Revolution & Cognitive Transcendence

Written by Laurent

First published July 21, 2016

Transition, transformation, evolution, mutation… these are just some of the terms used repeatedly to describe the change affecting our societies and our world today.

For today’s leader – already – and tomorrow’s leader – inevitably – the situation is changing very quickly.

Where previously the leader was at the top of a logical and fairly local pyramid, this structure is already bursting into groups of nebulae within a much larger galaxy. The world of start-ups bears witness to this.

Where previously the leader used spatial rationality and logical linear reasoning, today it is the interdependent knowledge of the various sectors of life – human, societal, digital, production, natural environment, arts, quantum reality… – that becomes the indispensable knowledge bundle.


Where previously the leader remained within a known structural framework, today – and especially tomorrow – his real strength will be to be able to remain in a space of potentials, without any false certainty. Yesterday’s leader remained on an orthonormal landmark; the Focused Leader has the ability to move everywhere, continuously adapting. He does not get lost for all that.

We must be aware that a real transformation of thought is taking place. We are in the process of moving from a logical, rational vision, where everything fits on the same thread, to an intuitive and global view of both individual and collective functioning. The single thinking of the “engineering leaders” is becoming the multifaceted thinking of the « Focused Leaders”. The “intuition” of the Focused Leader becomes the most important quality. He knows… He knows what is at stake from the first glance. What is the reason for this? Because he trusts himself completely. Is he obtuse? Not at all! He knows how to listen to everyone, but also to all signals, strong and weak, whether they are immediately before his eyes or on the other side of the earth.

Yesterday’s leader remained on an orthonormal landmark; the Focused Leader has the ability to move anywhere, adapting continuously.

Digital Revolution & Cognitive Transcendence

Sounds like science fiction? It’s simply Planck’s theory… Linking the energy of a photon to its frequency is what the Focused Leader does now. Because he has learned not to muzzle his abilities, nor to restrict the field of his direct intuitive knowledge, he can make the link between all signals, weak and strong, and draw from them the most innovative and creative ideas, the ones that everyone now needs. Thus, the Focused Leader is placed between digital revolution and cognitive transcendence. The digital revolution has given him the ability to be open, the possibility to be attentive to any potential on a very vast scale. His Focus practice has reinforced this openness by cultivating open attention. The cognitive transcendence that followed this opening then allowed him to no longer think only in a linear way: from the past to the future, from the concrete to the abstract, from the natural to the chemical, from physics to astrophysics… He transcends the linearity of his thinking and can now go from physics to the future, from the natural to the past, from astrophysics to chemistry. He freed himself from the constraints that bound the Leader of the past to a logical sequence of imposed factors. He can now find innovative solutions for the good of all.


It is now clear that leadership, like many other things in our world, is at a major turning point in its evolution. Focus Leaders, leading society now by being in the midst of all, open to all possibilities, deeply dynamic, innovative and caring, will be the central pivot accompanying the transition from one world to another.

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