My experience with Ways & Lore was born out of a desire to rebalance my private and professional life choices by no longer being a victim of a lack of vision on what is essential.
In the professional field, first of all, the tools provided by Laurent Dupeyrat allowed me to adapt to a change of stance in my professional responsibilities from operational boss to executive advisor.
This path corresponded both to a necessity imposed by the type of position but also to a deliberate career choice. Putting the change into perspective and distancing myself from the emotion obtained through the practice of Focus is a remarkable element in reinforcing the effectiveness and accuracy of the executive decision-making process. It also results in a very great serenity in the face of conflictual, complex or tense situations, itself a factor of efficiency and correctness in actions or reactions to emotional or deliberately aggressive behavior. The others, as can be seen, feel the strength of this serenity, which provides a superior force of influence on their behavior.
From a personal point of view, it is the same height of vision, the same distance without detachment that allowed me to free myself from what was encumbering me in order to move forward, leaving behind what had to remain behind: people or experiences. You get an incredible lightness from it, which allows you to fly away to new projects without losing, however, the benefit of what the past has brought you.
One amazing thing that I also discovered and still leaves me amazed today is the control over pain and even illness, and this is something I would like to explore further in the future.
Last but not least for me, in the personal domain, Focus has brought me a discernment in the choice of those I want to surround myself with: chosen people, my horses…
So my journey won’t stop there and I intend to continue the path further with the support of Laurent.

Dominique P.

Group Head of Transformation & Resources, International Investment Bank, Paris