Dear Ways & Lore team,

I have just been chosen following an extremely competitive bidding process to support a very demanding client on a strategic issue.

I can’t resist the urge to share this success with Ways & Lore, because it is undoubtedly thanks to the Flex Mind training that I have reached this result today.

Flex Mind has allowed me to be creative, differentiating us from the competition; all my team’s ideas and inclusive potential brought the best of our collective intelligence; I was also relaxed and “radiant” for pitches, always listening, the right words and the required expectations were there at every moment, and at the right time throughout the process.

Before the Flex Mind training, I would have no doubt been conventional in my approach, hesitating, stressed by the fear of failure, having a rigid approach… and so on to the path to failure.

The last pitch yesterday was decisive: for my part, knowing that I was in the final against another serious contender, I was still relaxed, listening, in search of creative solutions, stable, confident… and magic has happened.

Thanks Ways & Lore!

Martin J.

Leadership Consultant, Global organizational consulting firm