Thanks to the Flex Mind training, and with 6 months of regular practice of meditation (10 to 15 minutes per day), I can see precious benefits emerge, which will require consolidation and development over time.

In summary: I feel more serene in my daily life thanks to a deep inner confidence, which gradually establishes itself.

3 examples

  • A more important emotional distance in every situation while remaining very present in the action, thanks to greater inner stability and a broader vision
  • Greater freedom in decision-making and public speaking; and thus an ever evolving way to communicate
  • An increased physical recovery thanks to better use of my energy.

My feedback on the training:

  • The training has a good tempo and is very fluid, allowing progressive appropriation of Ways & Lore meditative techniques and  fast-emerging first positive signs
  • The quality of teaching and feedback with Laurent Dupeyrat allow me to become aware in successive steps of how I work and interact with the external environment. This is the key to having a clear broad vision and to making rightful decisions
  • Repetition of the meditation exercises along with feedback during the training days, eases the personal daily practice between the workshop sessions: individual practices that are supervised by Ways & Lore consultants through a personalized weekly feedback.

In summary, pleasure and efficiency from this very fine quality training.

Laurence G.

Large Corporates Managing Director, Investment Bank